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8 Regions
8 Regions
14 Data Centers
14 Data Centers

When it comes to your online presence, speed is king. Our data centers provide the physical environment nessessary to keep your servers up and running 99.9% uptime guaranteed. That’s why we’ve built our global infrastructure to deliver top speeds. Because we own the network, infrastructure and facility on which your servers run, we can guarantee flexibility, reliability, security and redundancy for your digital assets. We have 14 data centers in 8 regions including India, UAE, Singapore, United States, Germany, Australia and United Kingdom.

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What is it that ensures the reliability of our data centers?

Power Supply Redundancy

Ensuring uninterrupted power supply is crucial for maintaining server uptime. That's why at Contabo, we've made significant investments in our own transformer stations, N+1 UPS systems, and diesel power generators.

Internet Connection Redundancy

A server is only valuable if it can be accessed from the internet. To guarantee this, we install a minimum of two distinct fiber connections at every data center and collaborate with multiple carriers.

Cooling Redundancy

Servers produce a significant amount of heat, which can cause them to overheat rapidly without continuous cooling. That's why our data centers are furnished with redundant (N+1) chillers and climate cabinets.

DC Security

The security of servers commences with the physical security of the data center. Each data center is outfitted with CCTV and physical access control to prevent unauthorized entry to any server.

Efficient Energy

As we strive to offer you the best pricing, we also prioritize environmental considerations. We leverage modern technologies, such as Free Cooling and Groundwater Cooling, wherever feasible to enhance energy efficiency. By consuming less energy, we can offer you lower prices!

On-premises profressionals

To monitor the servers, we ensure that there are on-site personnel present in each data center every day of the year, including weekends and holidays.

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